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Another dog hates and attacks my GSD

I have a neighbor from a few houses down who has a terrier, Earnie. He's an awful little monster that they have no control of at all. They bring him by to visit with my next door neighbors golden retriever several times per week. We share a driveway so I cannot avoid this animal. When he sees my dogs, he goes bananas. He's attacked my dogs several times but I've always been able to get my dogs out of the situation.

We also see each other at the park, across the street. Earnie walks with several medium-sized dogs (and their owners, of course) each morning. In the past, that was a neutral grounds where Earnie wouldn't attack but a few weeks ago, he laid into Bruno (my gsd) three or four times until, finally Bruno had had enough and the two of them got into it. I was able to get Bruno off and no blood was drawn. All the while, Earnie's owner was saying, "Earnie, be nice," in the most comforting, pleasant voice imaginable. If it weren't so irritating, if would be hilarious.

I've noticed, since that day, that this group of dog friends now leaves when I enter the park. While I appreciate the courtesy, I'm offended that I cannot socialize with my neighbors because another dog is out of control.
This morning, I encountered this group, in the park. My dogs were leashed and earnie was on a 30 ft rope. That appears to be their new strategy to manage him. He clearly doesn't listen. Earnie waited until they were within range, calm and pleasant, and then he charged. His owner reeled in the rope and dragged him away saying, "earnie, be nice. Let's go play fetch, earnie". Nothing like rewarding bad behavior. My dogs, on the other hand, remained perfectly calm and looked to me for direction. All the other dogs were fine. They all leashed up and left, though.

Earnie seems to be particularly hot for my male GSD but also lashes out at my labs. He pretty much tries to kill any dog he doesn't know and I see his owners struggling with the leash whenever they are crossed by a strange dog. Is there anything I can do to do defuse the aggression?

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