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Who wants raw pig feet?!

Bear does, actually. One of the grocery stores had a whole mess of frozen, split pig feet in what we call the "weird meat bin" (usually contains various feet, snouts, tongues, random organs, I've even seen cow eyes show up in there before); they're cheap, so I may have bought the whole lot...which wasn't a whole lot, only about a dozen total, and they came in packs of two.

He's nice about it too, he knows Quinn can't chew them easily as she's missing so many of her top back teeth, so he always finishes splitting them (they're bought split, but we offer them frozen as it's a longer lasting meal for him that way), then macerating the end of one of them so all the bones are mashed up and drops it in front of Quinn so she can have some too.

Nice, sharing dog aside, here he is just getting started:

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