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problem in car

My pooch spends time in the back of my car daily. He is very good in the car. I have an suv and the back window rolls all the way down.

He comes with me when I ride my horse and generally hangs out in the car. He mostly just lays around like a bum. Sometimes people like to go pet him, which I have been totally fine with. The other day there were 3 kids and one adult petting him. One of the kids he had never met before. I wasn't near by, so I don't really know what happened, but they said he "freaked out"and started growling. They said it happened when he sniffed the one kid's watch (the kid he had never met)

I'm thinking he was just over stimulated/trapped by all the people reaching in. I'm not sure if there is anything I do differently in the future.

I have always told people that they can pet him, but at their own risk, as he is a dog. He has never been protective of the car that I have seen.

Any advice? :/
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