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New Car mistake

I bought a new Nissan Juke recently from a local dealer. HUGE MISTAKE! Not the car....I love the car. Financing was great....salesman was great. No...the problems started after I got the car home. Next day a congratulatory email from the dealer in the morning, and a follow up phone call from the salesman that afternoon. Was the car okay? The car was fine. Was I Happy? I was happy. Any problems? Nope. No I was fine. Thank You.

Next day a congratulatory email from Nissan USA: thanks for buying the car and please let them know if there was anything they could do. Email from the dealer-please complete this survey and let them know how they were doing. The manager of finance from the dealer called to see how things were going. Things are fine thanks. They are much like they were 36 miles ago but fine. thank you for asking. TTYL.

Next day I get a snail mail letter from the local dealer thanking me for my purchase and informing me I can call them immediately if I have any problems. Of course I can.....I've got their number clogging up my phone log for the last few days. Nissan USA calls asking me to use the automated phone survey to convey my impressions of the dealership service. The salesman sends me an email asking how the car is going.

Week end comes... two days of blessed silence. Monday morning comes and I get a new snail mail letter from Nissan USA asking if all is well with my car and asking if I will take a follow up survey included in the envelope so they can improve service...and is all well with the car?

Tuesday I get yet another phone call from the salesman wanting to "check my satisfaction with the sales experience" and helpfully reminding me of their hours in case I want to inform my many monied friends about the superlative service I received.

Now I'd like to point out that at no point have I suggested there is ANYTHING wrong with the car, the salesman, the dealership, the cleanliness of the bathroom at the showroom, the politics of Nissan USA, the ethnic makeup of their workforce or their treatment of their LGBT employees, yet I am being harassed with these near frantic demands of reassurance on a regular basis. I have seemingly purchased a car from the most insecure, emotionally needy car manufacturer on the plant. This is the automotive equivalent of the neurotic relative giving you a present on Christmas day only to follow it up by tapping you on the shoulder every five minutes and asking "You did like it, didn't you? Because, you know, you could tell me if you didn't and you wouldn't hurt my feelings."

I bought the **** thing two weeks ago and I'm still getting regular phone calls from them, twice today on top of the one I got Saturday. If it wasn't too late, I'd take the car back. As it is I'm going to have to take the only other steps I can think of to avoid anymore nuisance contacts: block their phone, dump my email, change my name and move to another state.

Oh, and the car is fine. Thanks for asking.


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