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Unhappy Pyometra or Pregnancy??

Hi everyone, this is my first post.
My dog was AI'd on the 12th of July.
On the 31st of July I had her out for a ride in my truck and noticed a small amount of dark brown jelly like substance on my seat. (1 time seeing this, never happened again)
I brought her to the vet and they did a swab and blood test to rule out an urinary infection and brucellosis, both tests came back negative.
They prescribed my dog baytril for 1 week.
She completely lost her appetite the 1st of August, and has barely started to get it back this past week.. Eating small amounts at a time.
She is still active, but is more cuddly than usual.
Today we brought her to get an ultrasound done (37 days today since the AI)
They really couldn't see much except for MAYBE some fluid in her uterus.
They took a blood test to check her white blood cells- came back normal.
They also took her temperature and that was also normal.
She has stayed at the same weight despite her appetite loss.
Vet keeps bringing up pyometra, but says it doesn't make sense that she has no fever and her white blood cells are normal.

I contacted an experienced breeder (owner of the stud), he told me that in his opinion it could be too late for an ultrasound and to wait another 10 days and do a x-ray. According to the breeder, as the pups get bigger, fluids and placentas start building up making it harder to see the puppies. The vet said it is suppose to get easier to notice the further along they are but this is not the first time the breeder would be right over the vet.
I have read stories on similar situations and the fluid ended up being puppies.
She is 3 and this is her second breeding.
Any thoughts or opinions?
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