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Dog bites Dog.. what to do next.


My GSD bit another dog. How should i approach it. My wife fell asleep on the couch and she did not close the patio door properly. The dog opened the door and probably ran after our cat(we let the cat go outside) she ended up in a neighbors yard. The neighbors Boston terrier was on its tie out(the neighbor was out side with his dog). The terrier ran to the extent of its tie out and jumped on my dog. She was bit near the eye(she will have a scare but nothing more) but she did bit the other dog more seriously.( we will pay the vet bill for the other owner) The neighbor who saw everything did mention that my dog was defending its self and was not the instigator. My dog was nice and calm when they brought her in to check her wounds. So my question is where do i go from here.. I don't want my dog to fear other dogs when the get close and think it is ok to react by biting again. This happened friday afternoon. thanks for the help.
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