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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
Dogs with sound nerves bounce back remarkably from pain and bad experiences; Delgado was licking the vet's face while being restrained for blood work and never flinched. He jumped on a patio table once and when he jumped off got his toe stuck between the glass and the frame, I came running when he cried and found him hanging by that toe. Later on that day he was sitting back up on the table again. He was neutered at the vet and still wagging his tail and accepting hugs from the staff as we were leaving, despite the fact he knew that something happened to him there

If you feel that the experience was bad then go out of your way to make the next ones wonderful. Stop by randomly, get him weighed and have the staff give him treats if they have time. Show him that good things happen there and build up that confidence and trust in them. Both you, the dog, and the staff will be better off for it
I'm sorry I guess I was unclear about the vent. The vet commented the last time about how he had a good temperament because my pup was licking him and friendly towards him right after. he went right to the back with him again today (twice) and is friendly and loving towards everyone there. he was not showing fear or backing away. What I am venting about is how in one breath he told me how great he is and the next he is commenting on how he seemed nervous, despite what happened. Also, the "get him neutered before he becomes a territorial shepherd" comment.
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