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Venting on today's vet visit (weird comment)

So today I took my 7 month old unaltered male pup to the vet for a recheck on his ear. About a week and a half ago I had taken him because his ear was painful to the touch and the vet (not the normal one we see) diagnosed it as an infection from environmental allergies. Since it was painful he would not let anyone near it and they had to take him in the back and , as the vet put it, have someone sit on him to put the ointment in.
Today ear is much better, they put more in. When we got there initially I noticed my pup acted nervous, whining, I am sure stemming from what happened at the last visit. Vet said last time and this time that my pup has a great temperment, and our usual vet had said this as well. he asked me if we were looking to neuter, I said no, explained I was looking to get him titled in Schutzhund and was advised not to(this vet didnt know what Schutzhund was.) I also have decided for the well being of my dog down the road not to neuter but wasnt getting into it with this vet. I also told him IF we get him titled and he proves himself there is a SLIM chance we MIGHT consider breeding him. Vet then stated that he thought neutering him now would be a good time before he becomes a territorial shepherd(?) and then asked me how he was at home because he seemed nervous to him ( what did he expect after what he had been through) and to consider his "nervous temperment" if I was going to ever breed him. I know personally that once you have a bad experience from a dr that it sticks with you, I just thought this was a off the wall comment considering. Sorry so long...thoughts?
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