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Buyer beware -

I am a second time owner of a GSD. My first dog Boris was trained along side Peter Burmeister and dogs from LAPD and LASD. It took years to get over his death. Finally six months ago I did my research and thought I found a good breeder and purchased a female to take home and train and eventually breed with the help of my 10 year old daughter who is a patient and consistent trainer.

Now for the sad news. It's now 6 months later and Ginger is 9 months old and has develeloped a tail that rides high and curled to the left, both ears have splits at the tips, and there is a missing tooth. I have had my club and a vet look at her and they believe these are genetic issues and she should not be breed.

The breeder says I have no right to complain and if I want I can bring her back for a refund but now the dog is part of the family. It would crush my daughter if I did that.

This has caused much heart ach for me knowing we can't breed her now.

I asked the breeder to simply send me 50% of the cost of the dog and she refused. She also threatened me legally for talking about it publicly. None of my claims are false and can be substantiated with photos and testimonies.

Remember that a full refund sounds ok when you get the dog but once it's a part of the family it's a different story. I'll post pictures when I'm home.

I have to take some blame since I did choose the breeder but I hope this gives you something to think about while choosing yours.

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