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dominance, leadership and respect

continuing conversation from another thread

SuperG said in another thread

---Quote (Originally by lalachka)---
I just don't believe that every problem a dog has arises from the dog fighting for rank. *I completely agree*

we have to be like good parents, fair, consistent, loving.* *I agree again.*

the dog needs to understand that we control their resources and respect us.* *I mostly disagree...if controlling their resources means feeding them, watering them and exercising them then any individual would have total "respect" of their dog and there would be no problems to any degree. Personally, I believe it is leadership which makes the bigger difference in the relationship and condones the desired behavior we are attempting to create. Yes, having the upper hand in controlling the rewards for proper behavior has merit to it but it is but a stepping stone and small part of the overall process to reach the level where the dog "respects" their particular human. The "leadership" of which I speak is created by the superior intelligence a human supposedly has over the dog amongst other human qualities. Simply, if we shun our responsibility to "control" or provide a dog's resources, the dog would simply die over a period of time or become so unruly, most would give up on the do
*g. Being
* one step ( if not two or three ) ahead of a dog via our intelligence is what cements the leadership which dogs crave for...however if there is no leadership by the human or an ample amount based on the dog's requirement then the dog need not "respect" their human because the dog will provide it's version of leadership to fill the void.* *
---End Quote---
*I am making an assumption of what you mean by "resources"


end quote


you assumed correct, that's what I meant however you bring an interesting point. since all owners control the resources then there's something else to it that makes one dog respect their owner and another not.
I originally thought it's being fair and consistent but there might be more to it.

first of all, what's respect? how do I know whether my dog respects me or not?

and second, if you're right and it's our superior intelligence then I wonder how a dog picks up on it. we only see in others what we possess ourselves (not my thought, I think it's schopenhauer and it's a loose quote)*
meaning (the way I understand it) that let's say someone is really good in math, like PhD good. and I only know that 2 +2=4. I can only gauge that person's abilities to the extent of him knowing that 2+2=4 because that's all I understand. I don't know how much is 3+3 and there's no way for me to know whether 6 is the right answer so I can't gauge his knowledge.*

it's been years since I read it, I'm sure I butchered his thought but do you see what I mean?

so for dogs to gauge our intelligence they have to possess it. they don't so on what level do you think they pick up on it?

I'm not saying you're wrong, I think there's something to this.
excuse the philosophical stuff on a dog forum, I'm really interested in the 'how' and 'why' behind everything.
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