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Reactive to other dogs on leash

Ranger barely barked his first year of life. The second year he occasionally would bark once in certain situations. Now in his 3rd year (turned 2 in May) he is barking more and more often. Still it has not been too often. Yesterday we had a problem. We were taking a walk and as we exited the house another, unknown dog, was walking on the sidewalk in front of our house. Ranger went crazy, hair up, barking, jumping toward the dog. Our yard is big so the dog was quite far away and luckily no one seemed scared, but having a GSD act like that is unacceptable. How do i change this behavior.

Some quick background:

Ranger has been to training but I have not kept up with it. Bad me.

We have an older dog (almost 13) and I think Ranger is getting protective of him.

My plans, tell me if this sounds good:

I was going to walk Ranger alone from now on. I was going to keep treats and when we pass a dog I was going to remind him to heel and treat him as we pass.

Any other ideas?

Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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