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Life with a working line GSD?

I am considering getting a GSD as my next dog in a year, which give me plenty of time to research and plan ahead.

Thus far, I am looking into getting a GSD from a working line. I plan on being a professional pet dog trainer, but realistically I will be working as a dog walker to earn the bulk of my income the first few yea after dog training academy. Obviously my dog is planned to accompany me in this line of work through out the way. I also live a very active life style regardless, and I do want to do SAR work with my new GSD.

However, with that said, I am also very low energy inside the house and likes to keep things calm. I also want to take my dog out to bbqs and cafe, etc.

Is this balance( high drive, motivated, energetic for work, yet calm in the house and in public setting) an unrealistic expectation for a working line dog? or is it possible? I'm not talking about a dog being calm only after heavy physical exercise but rather just there generally capability to do so.

I understand there will always be exception to the rule, but I'm just trying to be as real with my expectation as possible, so I guess my question apply to the general/typical working line GSD.

Also how are they in general with strangers/kids/other dogs? Again not from a nurture standpoint but from a nature stand point.

PLease feel free to share as much informaiton as posisble about your GSD and life with them. I want as clear a picture as I can get about living with a working line GSD.

Breeders I am currently looking at it

German Shepherd Breeders | Vom Banach K9
Witmer-Tyson Imports - German Shepherds, Law Enforcement Training, and Equipment

anyone with expeirence with them? or know of any other in Norcal?

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