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Given the conditions of those situations, the dog will likely be in a different kind of way.

I have worked with some of the K9s who work with the police force and generally speaking, they won't respect just anyone. They know when they can get away with things too. I was watching a retired dual purpose dog totally play on the fears of the two techs who were trying to draw blood from him. He did not have his handler with him, and he was muzzled. All he had to do was look at them sideways or shift a little and they both jumped a mile. We had to get urine off of him too, and it was amusing to me to see them trying to get him to lay down. He was just standing there with an expression that said, "Really?"

I repeated the word and he instantly did as asked. Does this mean if I was going for his handler that he wouldn't go for me? Certainly not. Just something to put into perspective. Just because a dog has good manners and will respect someone with some authority in a calm, neutral situation, doesn't exactly mean that they will in a higher stress situation.
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