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Zyflamend users?


Our 7 year old GSD has severe arthritis/ DJD. There are days she could barely stand up and we'd have to carry her up the steps. About a month ago, we began giving her Zyflamend Whole Body by New Chapter every other day- I swear this is a miracle pill! She's been acting like a puppy again and hasn't needed a visit to the chiropractor or acupuncturist. And then…. after 2-3 weeks, she started having severe generalized itching. No other symptoms whatsoever. When we called the vet, she obviously told us to stop the supplement, which, reluctantly, we did. The itching began to subside after a few days, but her pain came back with a vengeance. Our vet offered to treat her with pain meds, but we've gone that route before. Has anyone given their GSD Zyflamend? I'm just wondering if the itching could be a side effect that would eventually subside, but I don't want to risk it, if she has a true allergy. Thought I'd post on here while we're searching for a holistic vet.
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