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Default Adventures in DC!

This weekend I took Isen to the captial. With all the tourists, it's perfect for working on OB! He did great He's getting to the point in training where he is not breaking a command until I release him. One thing I noticed, people no longer ask to pet him...gone is my handsome fuzzy puppy that everyone wants to pet. He is very intimidating looking. Little do they know he LOVES people...below are some pictures I took from our adventure.
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Adventures in DC!-img_20140816_092521.jpg   Adventures in DC!-img_20140816_111136.jpg   Adventures in DC!-img_20140816_111412.jpg   Adventures in DC!-img_20140816_111758.jpg   Adventures in DC!-img_20140816_115901.jpg  

Isen Vom Kavallerie - DDR/Czech GSD (pup in training)
Red - Rescue GSD (CGC)
Gypsy - Yellow Lab (CGC)
At the Bridge....Charlie - GSD (2014) and Shiloh - Lab (2010)
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