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Looking for a great WGSL breeder

Sorry for the wall of text!!

I am looking for my first German Shepherd Dog, a black and red West German show line male. I was strongly set on **** Shepherds, as I was very impressed by both the breeder and her recommended trainer as well as her dogs and live very close to her property, but **** is no longer an option for me. I won't say why here as I'm afraid it would be deemed 'breeder bashing'. It has become very frustrating for me to look for a good dog after having what I felt was the best option for me torn away.

I've thought longer and harder over the last few months since then and ideally, I would love a dog that is a couple years old that has training or possibly an older puppy with some preexisting training. I'm looking for a calmer dog, preferably raised in a home environment (which, now that I think about it, **** didn't really have), or at least around people, so that he would have house manners and like to be loved on a lot! I have come to realize that Schutzhund isn't a realistic goal for me right now, nor will it be in the near future, so I'm not looking for a dog with high drives for the sport. I do however think I would enjoy competition obedience, or maybe agility. I just want to find fun things to do with my dog.

I'm desperately looking for a reputable breeder that many of you can back, or another reputable source. From what I can tell, there really aren't that many WGSL breeders within driving distance of my area and I can't really afford to fly around to breeders. As much as I would absolutely love to meet and handle the dog in person, I'm lead to believe that I would most likely be flying a dog in, and that's why I need someone that a lot of you can vouch for--even buying sight unseen. I check the classifieds on Pedigreedatabase daily for both Canada and USA, and haven't found anything that seems right for me. There have been one or two but they were sold before I saw them.

Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot of money. I can at least financially support / care for the dog once I have him, but I don't have many thousands of dollars lying around to purchase one... so $10,000 dogs are absolutely out of the question.

It's just become very disheartening. It feels like every time I find a breeder that looks half decent online, then Google it further or forum search it here, I find a whole lot of reviews with people having pups from there that are deformed or have HD or ED or DM or some other genetic disease.

I have looked into rescue, but there isn't anything locally that I feel suits me. There are a few nice dogs down in Washington but the rescue said they don't have the resources to adopt across the border, as they are a small organization.

There are a few breeders I would like to ask questions about, but for now I'd really just like to hear whatever recommendations you're able to give me. Again, I'd likely be buying sight unseen. Please feel free to ask me whatever questions you'd like, here or in PM, and I'll answer whatever I feel comfortable with.

Thank you all so much in advance!

On a personal note, in an attempt to provoke the most relevant responses possible, I'm a 21 year old girl and have PTSD as well as anxiety, which is why I'm definitely looking for a GSD with a more affectionate personality and a very stable temperament. This is also why I'm looking for one that has some training. I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue among other conditions, but will absolutely be able to walk / play / train the dog daily, however it's very necessary he have an 'off switch'. I do have experience living with what was for all intensive purposes the worlds most difficult dog. He was poorly bred, poorly raised before I got him, and the multiple vets and trainers believed he had either ADHD (as rare as it is in dogs..) or a brain injury of some kind. As much as I loved him, living with him was a living ****, so I'm absolutely not looking for another horrible experience. I have enough scars from the last time around.


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