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Rescue dog acting up

Hello guys,

First off I'd like to thank you guys for your help ahead of time.

I brought home a dog from the pound a week and a half ago, the first week she was with me she was calm fairly obedient. I was able to go out for periods of time without having to worry about her while she wandered my home.

However, this weekend, she has been a complete nightmare. She doesn't act up when I'm gone, she acts up while I'm busy at home. She's gone through 2 pairs of sandals already. She is chewing up everything in her path with the exception of her own toys.

The first week I brought her home, she would walk on leash and not pull, excessively. She'd listen when I tell her to get out of places and would step away and not bother me when I am eating dinner. However these pass couple of days she is getting out of control.

She is not allowed in the kitchen and the first week she understood that, she would stand outside the kitchen and waited for me if I was in there. But now she would slowly get farther and farther in if my back is turned to her. She doesn't listen anymore if I tell her to "Get out", I have to walk towards her to force her back, she used to just back off and lay down. If I'm busy and not paying her any attention she would go chew up things she's not allowed to. Before typing this, I was trying to eat dinner and in that 15 minute period I didn't pay her any attention, she ate up a pair of sandals I just bought an hour ago to replace the pair she chewed up last night. She has 4-5 different chew toys out, one of which is a kong with treats inside, but she ignores her chew toys if I'm not paying her any attention.

I know that she has a lot of energy and needs to run around more, but she is injured and the vet says to hold off on any kind of activity for another week or so. I take her out on walks 3-4 times a day for 15-45 minutes at a time. She chases her balls/bouncy toys around the house.

What would you guys recommend? How do you prevent your dogs from chewing up stuff around the house, the sandals were not the only thing she's chewing up.
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