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Chemotherapy: 7 weeks in

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

I'm Drew. My best friend is Jager... he's my most handsome, must huggable, 6yo puppy-at-heart and he's on borrowed time.

I remember coming to this message board site for the first time in the Spring of '08. That's when my husband and I were counting the days to Jager's arrival. I know I don't need to spend sentences (it could be a novel) on how much I love my boy because of all people, I know the readers of this post already know and understand.

At the end of June, our hearts were devastatingly crushed when we learned Jager has lymphoma. We were incredibly lucky to discover it when we did as lymphoma is a very fast advancing cancer and we could have lost him in weeks had we not taken him to the vet in time. One day, I was petting him under his collar felt what seemed like swollen lymph nodes. I thought he may have been fighting a infection until the next day when they were four times the size. We're 7 weeks into chemotherapy and have experienced only a few less-than-perfect days. Otherwise, we're continuing to do as we have every day for 6 years... to love him to the fullest for every given minute.

I say all of this as a warning many of you might not even need. I hope you make sure to know your babies as well as possible; their behavior and what's physically normal for them. Jager has to this day not shown any signs of illness other than his nodes and we could have chalked any lack of energy up to summer heat.

Thanks for any positive vibes sent my boy's way and I will look forward to returning to this site after a few years off for the community that can help us power through!
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