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My GSD turned on my son?

I am a little freaked out and will try to keep this short.

Last night my male GSD, Dutch, growled and put an evil eye on my son. My son is 13yrs old. Dutch has never growled before (he is almost 7 months) and has never exhibited this kind of behavior. Of my 2 GSD pups, he is the lover. Well behaved in the house and very sweet. We have had him since 10wks old.

I was in bed watching tv with Dutch. My son was in my bathroom taking a shower. When he finished he came into my room with a towel wrapped around him and his hair standing up from the shower.

Dutch immediately stood up in the bed with head stretched forward and started growling at my son. I grabbed him, said "hey!", and thought he did not recognize my son. He never broke the stare on my son to acknowledge me. He finally stopped growling, but if I was not there, I am not sure if he would have lunged at my son. He maintained a very nervous (?) stance and when Jacob tried to sit down on the bed to pet him, Dutch just kept turning to look at him like he wanted to bite him. So I put him in his kennel. I could not snap him back to a relaxed state.

I am quite sure I did nothing right. I was pretty shocked as this pup is always VERY sweet with both of us, however, he is the guardian if a stranger comes in the house (he barks with intimidation). It scared the crap out of my son and I have to say it scared me too, as it came out of nowhere. My son did nothing to provoke and I can't figure out what the trigger was. Dutch is always in the room with us at night and has been sleeping in my room/bed or he sleeps with my Lab in the dog beds, right next to my bed. He often stays in my son's room as well when he is "free" in the house.

My son comes home every day to the pups while I am at work. I cannot have a situation where he might turn on my son with me not here. This morning, he seems back to normal. Out in the yard wrestling with Sophie. My son is still sleeping.

Any advice? Dutch is the male in the back. My female, Sophie, is in the foreground. I am sure I should have given a hard correction of some kind and immediately put him in his kennel? How can I know it won't happen again when I am not here? The pups are kenneled in my living room when I am at work and my son lets them out when he gets home from school.
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