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I've been to clubs like this. Instead of spotting for obedience they just chit chat and socialize. All the while every single dog at that club expect for the td's dog forges.

If the club isn't right for your training goals then find another club. The thing about most dogs fail bh the first time is ridiculous. I actually laughed out loud. That comment alone would make me pick up my dog and run away as fast as I can.

If you posted a video of your heeling I'm sure members here will give you constructive advice.

If the dog is dirty I'd put a prong and long line on him and pop him as he's entering the blind so he is mindful.

Nothing wrong with a dog that's possessive over the sleeve once it's slipped as long as he outs when decoy is on the sleeve.

If the club wants to take 5 years to title a dog that's fine. If you don't then move on to another club better suited with your goals.
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