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A little lost. Not sure where to go from here (long)

We have been training Titan at this schutzhund club for about 8 months.
It's a great club for newbies because people give you positive critiques, are willing to help you, and it's not very cut throat.
However, I have some concerns and I'm wondering if I should stay or go in a different direction. I just want what's best for my boy.
Titan is a great high drive pup. He's ALWAYS ready to go no matter what we are doing; tracking, OB, or protection. He comes out of the crate swinging so to speak.
I'm worried that we aren't getting where we need to be. Granted he's 11 months but I don't feel we are where we need to be as far as the BH goes.
I know I can always do more on my end with training more but when I give an idea of what I think might be the problem, they say that isn't the problem.
Titan loves his ball.. Will give you his right kidney for this ball. But using the ball for heel work makes him forge ahead. I've tried putting it under my arm pit, throwing it behind me for the reward.. No dice. But they say to keep using it although he gets too fixated on it.
He "leaks" drive as he is extremely vocal during OB because of the ball. Should I be concerned? They don't seem all that concerned.
Titan is obsessed with protection. Absolutely loves it. It's the only thing he loves more than his ball and food. We are just doing bites now without blinds or anything. At the beginning we let him keep the sleeve as it was supposed to help build drive. Now he won't let go at the end. He will out it during the session but once we let him "win" at the end he won't let go.
And I'm not getting a clear answer as to how to out him. They don't want me to tell him No because it might hurt his confidence and drive however I feel like he has a ton of drive and it is time to insert some OB because he is so obsessed with the sleeve.
Also, every one of their dogs comes into the blind "dirty" and now they are trying to fix this and it seems to be a never ending thing.
I don't want Titan to do this and I have to spend months trying to fix this issue.
I feel that maybe this club might be too lax.
They also said that most people fail the BH the first time and to be prepared to do it more than once.
I'm just unsure if this is the right way to train a dog.
I want to get things right the first time and correct the first time so I don't spend months fixing an issue.
Titan has so much drive I feel like OB should be put into everything he does because he becomes so obsessive with things so easily.
I've brought this up to the head trainer and he dismissed this.
What should I expect from a club?
I feel like all the videos I watch here everyone's dog is more disciplined. And I want to be that way, but I'm so new I'm trying to learn from others and I feel like maybe I'm learning from the wrong people, especially of I want to be competitive.
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