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Thanks, for your replies. I want to remain as accessible as possible, and I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post.

I really just want to do the best thing for Wheelie. I have loved all my dogs--I love all animals--and "inconvenience" to me is no reason to abandon or give up on an animal.

Right now, I honestly do not know if we as a family--me, my wife, Snow, Wheelie and Sophie the pigeon--will be able to function together after what has transpired. But I am committed to trying as hard as I can to work it out for him--he did not deserve whatever happened to him, and he certainly does not deserve more unhappiness. If he cannot ultimately live here with me, I will certainly do whatever it takes to make sure he has a safe place to go and live out the rest of his life.

At this point, euthanasia is not even on the table. Perhaps that is overly naive of me, but I am hopeful that if he cannot live with me, some other arrangement--that is good and healthy for him where he can be happy--can be found. I absolutely would not let him go back to a shelter environment where he would either be adopted out to someone who could inflict even more damage on him, or sentenced to a life of living **** in a kennel. Yes, perhaps euthanasia would be preferable to either of those two options, but I like to think we are a long way from there. For me, time, effort, money are all worthwhile expenditures to make Wheelie's story have a happy ending for him.

Bill B.
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