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Evangers wet food crazy high in calories?

So I picked up some Evangers today because I'm lazy and didn't feel like prepping anything, and couldn't find the calorie content on the can. I went to their website, and came across this:

Evanger's Duck & Sweet Potato Dinner

Is this real? A mistype? That's almost 700 kcals/can, and for only $21 a case??

I've never seen anything like this, does anyone feed this and know if those numbers are correct? I'm going to email Evangers and find out, but maybe someone here know's whats up...

My dogs take in, on average, aprox. 1200 calories a day. That's less than 2 cans a day, at only about $1.75 a can... which isn't AMAZING, but still extremely cheep for a "quality" canned food.

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