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A few more notes on how to avoid the episodes. First of all, I'd use a collar. Controlling a dog in the zone on a harness isn't easy. I use a prong but you have a dog who cowers from your loud voice so I'm not sure a prong is the way to go, maybe someone else can help on this.

And any time he's around a person or a dog (which is always leashed and muzzled, even around your wife) you watch him for signs he's about to flip out. There are always signs and it seems like you're able to predict his flip outs. So when you first notice something wrong, BEFORE he gets worked up (because he doesn't see or hear anything when he does) distract him. Go the other way, make some noise, tell him to sit, call his name (and if he turns his head praise like crazy and give him a thousand treats because that's huge that he turned to you in a moment like this and this is what you want, being able to get him to focus on you), anything to get his mind off it.

Everything else a trainer will show you.
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