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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
Macaws aren't typically cuddly. Umbrella cockatoo is a nice cuddly bird(if you can deal with the dander) They are all loud. Some of the conures are sweet and enjoy snuggling. It does depend on the individual bird. If you can finish the handfeeding it will build the bond.
Though many times when birds are in breeding condition they can get aggressive.

I have a 26 yr old Congo Grey and he's really cuddly when he feels secure. I still know he could bite at any time if he feels threatened.
Hmm. It's a bit odd that nobody on the parrot forum suggested an umbrella cockatoo. I've always thought they were gorgeous, but never knew about the cuddly nature. I hope that I'll be able to meet one tomorrow!
Also; what is your opinion on rescuing a friendly bird vs. getting a young bird? I was thinking about rescuing, but I'd love to form a bond with a baby.


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