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Originally Posted by basedinberlin View Post
Okay, that's really useful information, thank you!!

Last time I went to the emergency vet it was nearer to €200 ($250+) for a consultation, albeit on my cat. Hence my reservation about going there... But I'll have to take a trip!

What do you think about sending the invoice to the kennels? Apparently they gave her a vaccination for it at the start of her stay (I can see it on their bill), so I don't know if that really happened. Unless it's not kennel cough, but I think that's unlikely on the balance of probabilities (the symptoms + the timeline). She's normally healthy and hasn't had any contact with other dogs since she came back. Would you expect the kennel to pay for the treatment?
My evet only charges $50.00 for an office call and then the rest was for the shot and may have been closer to $200.00, now that I think about it.

All my dogs were vaccinated for kennel cough, but there are different strains. The vet grabbed and pressed on my dogs throat and he made this cough noise. That's how he was diagnosed. My other two went to the regular vet. They did the same throat test, but those two did not cough. SO, they were not given meds. They were mostly sneezing. Once the puppy was diagnosed,I called the regular vet back and got meds for them.

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