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Kennel Cough?! Help please...

Hi everyone,

Our GSD has started hacking and wheezing when she moves. It came on this morning and has become worse this evening, although still only when she moves. She's just been in a kennel for four days (went in Monday, came out yesterday morning). I'm worried, but a quick Google makes it seem like kennel cough...? It's after 23:00 here, so do I need to call out the emergency vet? Or do I wait until tomorrow and still see a super-expensive Sunday vet? Or will it disappear by itself (or wait until Monday)? I've never had this before.... Really worried!!

She's always been healthy, and I'm cursing myself for putting her in there...

Also: who normally pays for this? Do we have to suck it up as a fact of life, or is it the $70/day kennel?


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