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Questions for the foster parents

I'm so excited that my family has been accepted to adopt from a GSD rescue. The forester parents of the first two dogs we are looking at will be contacting us soon so that I can ask some more questions before they/we decide if we should go ahead and meet. The first two dogs we are inquiring about are both puppies, one male and one female. We have two young children in our house and an elderly female silky terrier, when it comes time to meet a dog we will all go as a family to see if it's a good match.

These are the questions I have come up with so far, please feel free to give me any type of suggestions you feel will be helpful.

Before meeting the dog:

Is the dog fostered with other dogs or children?

To what extent is the dog house broken?

Is the dog crate trained? Does the dog sleep through the night?

Does the dog have any behavioral issues or aggression? How does the dog do with young children, other dogs, does it chase cars, dig?

Does the dog have any medical issues?

What is the dogs energy level?

What is the dog like with other dogs? Pushy, submissive, dominant, playful?

After meeting the dog:

What type of food does the dog eat? Do they need any type of special diet, any allergies noticed? What are their eating habits like?

How does the dog like to play? What is the dogs favorite toys?

How does the dog do on a leash and in a car?

Does the dog have a schedule, if so what?

How long did the dog take to adjust to your house?

When the dog has needed correction how did you correct them, how did the dog respond to that correction?

Have you been training the dog, if so what commands does the dog know?

I know that's a lot of questions, I have split them into questions I should ask before meeting the dog and during/after meeting the dog. I will do my best to work them into a normal conversation about the dog and not just fire them off.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time,

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