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Originally Posted by Blanketback View Post
I'm jealous, I'd love to have your pool problem! Why not just towel your puppy off??? I'm very particular about drying my dog as best as I can, because if they stay damp and don't dry, their coats can get mildew. I am NOT making this up, lol - it happened with my dog his first summer, with all the swimming and humidity.
I know I didn't answer your crying question... I'm saving you from the awful stench of mildew instead!
I thought it was cute the first few times it happened , but now he can jump on furniture and is a lot bigger than before = more water everywhere :/
as far as why I don't towel him off: I have but it's just another thing I'd have to do, and I'd rather him just stay out back for a half hour or so and dry off in the sun.

I want him to learn that if he goes in the pool, he has to stay outback for a little while. But the constant crying/howling/whinging makes it difficult
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