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5 month old Zeus

Need a little help. This is my first GSD that I have gotten this late in the puppy stage. I understand there are added stresses to the pup after leaving his parents, brothers, sisters, and owner after 5 months. With that said, are these common issues in a situation like this?

He is fed twice per day, same time everyday. However, has diareah throughout the day in the house. This happens more often when I'm at work and my wife is home with him. It should be added that we did change his food from purina one to blue buffalo large breed puppy food without a very good transition.

Zeus doesn't have much energy, at all. He lays down a lot. I believe this is due to hypertrophic osteodistrophy.

Also, he does finish his food, but I've never seen a dog eat so slow in my life. He also doesn't get very thrilled over any treats. Sometimes he will eat them, but not always.

We have had him only a week but my wife is quite irritated and I need to spread her reassurance. She doesn't feel the need for us to take him to the vet because she feels we've only had him a week and thinks he is ill and the breeder should be responsible.

Please, I'm not looking for bashing, just some assurance that this is lost likely just temporary stress from so much change in a short period.

I am going to take him to the vet to get some anti inflammatory/antibiotics/pain meds for the HOD, but aside from him laying down often, he doesn't show any signs of pain when he walks or runs. But again, his energy level is very minimal compared to my previous GSDs.

Thank you for any help

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