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I think the problem with the question is that "breedworthy" is such an objective thing. You'll see a lot of things that make a dog breedworthy. A dog without any titles can be considered breedworthy because a "reputable breeder" said so and everyone else just fell inline. But a dog that's IPO3 could not be considered breedworthy because a breeder of high enough caliber didn't give their approval.

If you're talking about on this forum...I would assume any high level bite sport title would get people to "approve" of the litter. I've noticed that any type of bite sport, because it has a reputation of proving a bit about the dog's nerves, gets a bit more credit than doing sports which don't have any kind of protection component.

I do SDA and IPO training. SDA is kind of small. It's fun, but it just doesn't have the same reach as IPO. So an SDA title won't be known by as many people as an IPO title. I'll assume the same is true for PSA. The more I read...the more I understand how important it is to actually watch/work the dogs you're thinking about getting a puppy out of. A dog can be an excellent example of the breed, but someone with an agenda can come on here and rip apart some small component of a video that was taken.

What I've seen/heard is that IPO people are a little more closed minded when it comes to other titles and they like to see IPO titles in the pedigree. The guy I work with for SDA says that it's important to breed back to IPO titled dogs in the pedigree because the more serious people in the sport (IPO) generally won't look at a puppy that doesn't have IPO titles within the last 2-3 generations. Other sports...the people seem to be a bit more open (which makes sense that if you do SDA you'll be fine with a generational pedigree that only has SDA titles in it). The same guy, basically says that most of the puppies are sold to pet homes who can give two rips about any titles lol.

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