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Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
Yeah, not sure if it's exactly bashing or not but this is what was said.

first let me apologize. I wasn’t trying to knock your puppy. sorry.
to clarify;
I owned (SIRE) and sold him as he is a very average working dog, low drive, thin nerve. in my opinion not breed worthy. however a very nice family pet.
to quantify;
I owned and trained (SIRE)'s brother (BROTHER), who is now a mwd. that dog is a superstar.
I've worked most dogs from (SIRE)'s litter as well as his mother. and multiple other dogs that she has produced. (SIRE) wouldnt rank in my top 10 dogs shes produced.
(SIRE) was bred by my good friend.
so my opinion of (SIRE) is a true one.
lastly, I also owned trained and sold (DAM)'s litter brother, now pd sert.
I had several people contact me re (SIRE)'s litter, as they stated that litter was allegedly being spruked as a super litter coz (SIRE) is (BROTHER)'s brother and (DAM) is pd sert sister.
in fact, only 2 mths ago (SIRE) was for sale coz (MY BREEDER) said he was indeed a very average dog.
I don’t like breeders who bull**** unsuspecting buyers. but note all of the above is just my opinion.
welcome to the dog world!!
I am just pointing out facts that u may or may not wish to know. I hope I didn’t offend, but my opinion of working dogs is highly respected and I believe people shouldn’t be sold the dream in order for a breeder to make money.

I edited out the identities and replaced with the capitols surrounded by brackets. But this is word for word.
Anyone who uses u instead of you and coz instead of because wouldn't be highly respected in my books, but I'm fairly... picky.

Keep in mind, however, while maybe your breeder could be questionable, this new breeder you are speaking with is in competition with your pup's breeder. Therefor, I'd immediately question his trustworthiness unless I've seen proof otherwise. Everyone else here is perfectly right though, your dog is in no way devalued. You will do great things with him and love him all the same.

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