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Talking Welcome to the Dog World!

Gee wiz I am kind of in a state of shock here.

I was in contact with a breeder because they were selling Julius K9 training gear and equipment as I was interested in the harnesses/side-bags and a hoodie. We were discussing possible sizes for the harnesses when my pup eventually reaches his adult size and the breeder asked where I got the pup from. I gladly told them, thinking that there's no harm in saying so and then the breeder emails me back saying:

"I owned the sire. Not a very good dog. Be careful."

A bit miffed, I emailed back: "Thanks for letting me know. What's not good about him?"

Then the breeder gave me a long email apologizing to me that they did not mean to knock back my puppy, saying that they once owned the sire and that he was not breed worthy, a very average working dog with low drives, thin nerves etc. They also owned the sire's brother who was a superstar. They also said that my breeder was being dishonest and was trying to make as though their litter was a super litter to unsuspecting buyers because they were related to the the breeder I was talking to at the moment. My breeder is apparently a xxxxxxx artist. Then the breeder said welcome to the dog world!

I don't know whether I should believe this or not. But really! Is the dog world really like this where people are dishonest and bash on one another? It sounds like a nasty place! I can't believe that some people knowingly rip people off, knowingly misrepresent what their dogs are, say wonderful false things, all for a quick buck??? Whatever happened to the good of the breed and matching a pup to the right home for the good life of the puppy. Just scoundrel.

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