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<still not focused on me in this picture but not jumping and acting mush brained at the other dogs around her either .

first night of class...different trainer ...really like this one too. MUCH better at not messing or yapping at the other dogs. Focus not 100% on me ...but the first class none of the dogs were really focused on their owners....I think we got in with a great group of dogs this time. Nobody was really reacting to each all the other class the first couple of classes they were just all acting like mush brains. Tonight was very nice and educational. I stayed with the lady after class and we discussed the lack of motivation by treats ( although the frozen cheese sticks did work a little bit better tonight)....I am trying hot dogs next week..and she also noticed how roxy is a bit add with stuff going on around her but she said she's still basically a puppy -- not as an excuse but just meaning that I just need to work a little bit different with her. She suggested I take Roxy to the park on our long lead and to be by distractions but further away than we are when we walk and work on WORKING...the come, sit, stay, down, leave it etc ..with distractions more in the distance and then start making the space smaller and smaller but to go slow at it.

I was just THRILLED the wanting to play with all the dogs really didn't come into play tonight. I had her down there twice last week ( as a member I can take her in the building to work her) I had her down there to do extra work with her ( when it was too hot to work out in the yard here) I wonder if she kind of understands now that building is a working place / job and not a mcdoggie playground.
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