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Originally Posted by Mwelsh03 View Post
Yea that's what I am struggling with. It seems like my 100 pound gsd is bullying the young dog to the point he gets defensive sometimes and bites back hard.
This would concern me. Others have mentioned the "puppy pass" - at some point that will expire, and things your other dog allowed the puppy to get away with will come to a complete stop and he won't put up with that crap anymore. Ideally, your older dog will warn the puppy, the puppy will back off immediately, and they'll come to an agreement about what kind of play they enjoy together. But like I said, it might not go that way.

What I don't want to have happen in my house is for my puppy to feel like she has to take matters into her own hands (er...paws? ). I want my puppy to know that if my other dog is playing too rough, *I* will protect her, she doesn't have to defend herself. That's why I like to interrupt play every so often while everyone is still having fun. I also want them to not be so into each other that they won't stop whatever they're doing and pay attention to me when I need them to. If they blew me off, I'd put them each in their crate for a brief timeout.

So far, it's worked well. If they start getting too rough and I think one of them is starting to not be having as much fun as the other one, I can say "HEY, do you want a timeout?!?!?!" and they'll usually stop what they're doing and look at me.
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