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When is puppy play too much?

So my wife and I finally got a second dog. He's great so far and he is already displaying signs of being very intelligent. I have one issue, my 15 month old gsd will not leave the puppy alone.

When I say he won't leave him alone, I mean he will literally put the puppies head in his mouth and force him to the ground any chance he gets. How do I know when their play is getting to be too much? There are rarely any growls, but the puppy does appear to get aggressive towards my older dog. He will eventually get angry, or so it seems, and start biting hard. I don't think it's hard enough to hurt the older dog, but it seems pretty vicious to me. When he misses I can literally hear his jaws snap.

Will the older dog let him know when the puppy is playing/biting too hard? He hasn't yet and I'm not sure he has it in him to tell the puppy when to stop. Is biting, pawing, aggressive behavior normal for two dogs playing together? Keep in mind, whenever the puppy is out of his pen, all they do is fight/play like this. They never have a moment when they are nice/civilized to each other.

I am really just looking for a place to draw the line or if I need to draw a line at all.

Thanks for the input in advance.
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