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I cut my thumb really badly at work.... sliced it from the quick all the way across the nail to the tip, diagonally. It's gonna fall off(the nail), bled like a stuck pig. Fresh razor in the knife, went through a water line a bit easier than anticipated and I used my thumb as a means to slow down the knife. Duh. Ouch. Ohhh, need bandages. Anyway....

Get home, dogs are excited to see me as per usual. Freshen up their water, give em a smallish breakfast and I get settled in and take a shower. Re-wrap the thumb and get ready for bed. Dogs are wrestling on the couch, again par for the course. I call them for bed and they come, bouncing off walls and galloping through the house, normal morning at casa del brembo.

Allie found the injury first, she is the snugglier of the two. Her happy mood went away in an instant. Ears went down and a very intense session of sniffing ensued, over and over she would sniff, lick a tiny bit and sniff. Then the whining began. She'd whine some, sniff, whine some more and sniff again. She tried to bury herself under my blanket. All this strange behavior got Cable's attention, he then found the mangled thumb.

Cable sniffed it, looked at me with the oddest expression. If I had to put a reaction to it all I can muster is "Really? You got hurt? REALLY? Dumbass." His ears went back past his normal devil-dog slant and he just stared at me for awhile. He moved around, reached out with his paw and dragged my hand under his head and pinned my hand. If I tried to move my hand he would pull it back and lay back down on it. Great, his cinder-block of a head weighing heavily on my throbbing thumb was not going to make sleep very easy. I worked my hand around until the thumb was poking out and eventually reached sleepytime land. Woke up to Cable still on my hand and Allie draped across my belly. I slept great, sorta used to the dogs using me like a huge pillow.

I just woke up and redressed the wound. Did you know that old used wound dressing is the most interesting item ever discovered ever in the history of the world? I had to let both dogs inspect that wrap lest they rip the bathroom door off. I have put the used wrap in a old coffee tin in the highest cabinet I have, otherwise I think they will go after it. Odd beasts they are.

What is odd about this injury is that in the scale of things I do to myself it's pretty minor. Two weeks ago I nailed my shin on a sharp edge, pinched a hole in my skin almost to the bone. That one hurt, tears in eyes and hopping around biting back cuss words while my co-workers had a good belly laugh. I got home with a blood soaked sock and the dogs gave it a cursory sniff and let it go. I would pay significant amounts of money to be able to read their minds on this one. What has them wound so tight over a thumb injury vs. the shin injury is a mystery to me.

Side note here, I am ambidextrous to a large extent. I grab things with whatever hand is...well...handy and go about my business. This gimped thumb is annoying. It does not hurt per se, but pressure of any ilk is unsettling. A precursor to extreme pain in the form of weird sensation presents itself and makes me hesitate utilizing the thumb. Ahh well, if you are gonna be dumb ya gotta be tough I guess.

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