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My angry vent for the night (non gsd)

I am so u insanely angry about my cureent situation at home. My fiance has 2 kids with his ex wife and we are left holding the whole financial bag for everything.

He has been paying well over 2500.00 to her every month for child support and alimony, in the sep contract it states that if she has a new man live with her my SO gets to stop alimony asap. Well about 2 years ago the kids mentioned her boyfriend moved in and when he brought this up to her she offcourse denied it so the alimony has not stopped and he will not bring it up again.

Recently he got his almst 16 year old a job making good money this summer but instead of helping with the drive in to Markham everyday for her child she said absolutely no, so my so is off to get him to work at 6 am and pick him up.

She went away for 3 weeks last summer to argentina and we watched the kids and she said she was not giving him a dime of the kids support money for the 3 weeks- my so said nothing,
This is occuring again as she is on her plane to italy as i type this and again a he is left holding all the bag. Infact his child support money is probably going to be spent on a new purse.

He treats her like she is incapable and makes excuses for her, There is so many more examples but it would take me forever to list them. The kids are all older, we have them 4 days out of the week every freakn week so its certainly split custody.

She has no job. I am losing hope for my SO truthfuly- I just used to tell myself that he was a wonderful dad which he is (most dont pay support) but come on that excuse is now old and he just keeps bending over, i am not sure its even about the kids well being at this point, heck they are old enough to spend nights alone.

I dont think there is anything to be done- i just needed to vent, it sucks around here tonight, i just could cry.
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