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Allie wont eat

So Allie is a little over 2 years old and right at a healthy weight or a little on skinny side. She is pretty active and loves playing chase and Frisbee. Problem is Allie does not like food. When we first got her the previous owners did not treat her right and had coordination issues and would not eat kibble. We then switched her to raw like 4 months ago.

We are always fighting with her to eat. We tried chicken (ground w/ bones, and also backs), turkey, and duck. She wont touch the turkey or duck and sometimes eats chicken. Most of the time she wont eat and has been known to go 4 days without eating when we would pick up her food after 20 minutes or so.

How do we get her to value food again. She has no food drive but insane ball and frisbee drive.

Today I put out her ground with a piece of chicken back in it. She took out the large chicken back bone and placed in on the sheet under her bowl and then wrapped the sheet around it and then left.

Sometimes she will eat if it has peanut butter in it, sometimes if it has a little warm water, sometimes with egg. But sometimes it dont matter what we do.

With Raw meaty bones she used to chew the whole bone and eat it now she just rips off meat and does not chew bones. Tried ribs, legs, necks, tails, etc..

Her teeth look fine and she is in good spirits. She does have separation anxiety but even when I stay in the same room she does not eat.

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