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Omg that was great! I laughed hard enough that my dogs had to check me out in case something was wrong with me lol.
I think dogs more so feel the owners stress about trials. You've trained hard, paid good money and want to do well. With agility many dogs go crazy like that husky (although I've never seen a dog launch over the chute like that before lol), especially when they are new to trialing. However most dogs get plenty of practice time off leash on equipment prior to trialing, so it's not just the trial. They just like to have fun!
In obedience you are not allowed to correct in the ring/repeat commands and some dogs learn this. They feel their owners stress and 'slack off' as they know they won't be corrected for misbehaviour. But I personally feel it usually has more to do with the owners nerves than anything.
My own dogs will get a little silly in agility if it's the first trial of the season. They've never gone off course but I have to watch them the first few obstacles as they just want to go go go! If I don't give my information early and clearly enough I could definitely see them making their own course.

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