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Summer is expensive!

Here in Seattle we are beginning a heat wave. Temperatures are expected to be in the 90s for the next week--go ahead and laugh but that is really hot for here. Also most homes don't have AC so it's pretty miserable.

We do have a small window unit in our bedroom, We used to just run it at night but someone is insisting that it be run during his afternoon nap and his sister is in agreement. Havoc has never been in this kind of heat and he has adapted very well. He insists on his pool being filled. He must be hosed off a couple of times a day and then he takes his damp self up to my bedroom where he stares at the AC unit until I turn it on.

So here I am, sitting with a fan downstairs while two damp dogs nap in luxurious splendor on my nice cool bed. I fear my utility bills this month. I've discovered yet another hidden expense of dog ownership. Probably will need a new comforter as well as this one is developing a permanent dog shaped smudge. They do look happy and very content and I have some time to kvetch on the internet while they it is worth it.
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