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Releasing bite of 3 month old puppies

Yesterday i was visiting my friend that has a litter of 3 month old working line gsds and i saw that the pupps are fighting pretty bad, i still can't believe that i couldnt release a female pup who jumped on another female. she had such a strong jaw, i'm a big man that trains in martial arts and goes to the gym, but that small pup was so tough, i tried to open her mouth with both of my hands, grabbed her by the neck and nothing...
usually i was breaking up fights of big dogs by pulling both of them by the neck
untill they let go.
and in the rare cases i was squeezing the area between the legs and the ribs with both of my legs till the dog had no air and he had to let go.(ofcourse i won't do it on pupps, they're too fragile.)
any tips for releasing puppies out of their littermates?

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