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We will find the right one, one day..

The BF and I have pretty much settled on rescuing a dog vs buying from the breeder.

So today was the 3rd time that we have peeked interest in a rescue and yet again something fell through on their end.

First it was a golden a friend couldn't care for anymore, then she gave it to someone else after we told her we were interested. Then another golden was found and a friend posted on FB saying to contact her if interested. We did, and in a matter of minutes, she apparently grew too attached and decided she would keep her.

THEN today I decided to browse craigslist (super smart I know) I went on already knowing I wasn't going to find anything it was more of a boredom thing than anything.. well I came across a Coonhound.. that just stood out from any other the others. The post was very well written, pretty much had a resume for this dog and it just, for some reason, felt right. We made the phone call to at least meet this boy... and we got a call back that he is already with a family for a trial week but we'll get a call if it doesn't work out.

Now I know.. the right one will come along. And I have to say we are not ACTIVELY looking. I mean I browse because that's what I do.. usually none fit what we are looking for and/or my BF isn't sold yet. Or someone asks us abotu a dog they found or don't want. We have a timeline when we are going to actively search, which isn't until September, but if the right dog finds us in the meantime we won't turn the opportunity down.. if that at all makes sense, lol.

No advice really needed, just a small little vent.. one day we'll find the perfect one for our little family


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