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Two dogs, both with gut problems...

Hey guys. Haven't been around these parts in awhile -- been really busy. Popped back in because I'm having an issue with BOTH of my dogs and myself and my vet are at our wits' ends. So I figured I'd toss it out to the masses to see if anyone has any ideas.

First, some background:

My older boy, Brody, was diagnosed with IBS not long after I got him (and many expensive tests later). After much trial and error, I found a food that agreed with him: Nature's Variety Instinct kibble, chicken flavor (and ONLY chicken flavor -- any other flavor is too rich for him).

This diet has not only kept him stable, but allowed him to even gain weight to a healthy size, something the vet never thought was possible for him.

When I got my second pup, Tsura, it only made sense to put her on the same diet, if nothing else than to just make sure Brody doesn't steal any food he shouldn't have.

Both dogs have thrived.

Having IBS, however, Brody does occasionally have some issues which are generally solved by a spoonful of Kaopectate (versus an expensive round of Metronidazole).

About two and a half months ago, both dogs suddenly started becoming ill with diarrhea.

Treatment has ranged from Kaopectate and fasting them for a day to try to rest things, to Metronidazole for both of them.

While on the medication, they will both firm up. But back to the same problem within a day after the dosage ends.

Recently, at the vet's recommendation, I've added some Metamucil to their food to see if the fiber would firm up their stools.

They've both recently had fecal tests done and a clear of any parasites and show healthy bacteria levels.

Their food hasn't changed. Their routine hasn't changed. I haven't introduced any new cleaning products, etc., into the house.

Neither of them are losing weight.

They fluctuate from very soft, but controllable until they can get outside, to outright explosive and a disgusting mess to clean up in the house.

I've called Nature's Variety and they swear up and down that they haven't changed their formula. I even ordered a bag from a supplier across the country in order try to rule out if I just got a bad batch. Even if they had changed something in their formula, that doesn't explain Tsura's issues. She has no IBS and has a history of a pretty robust gut -- you'd think she would have normalized by now.

I could try finding a different food. That's the only option I can think of at this point, but that will be an expensive and messy ordeal where Brody is concerned, and won't do any good if there's some other issue I and the vet are overlooking.

So I thought I'd see if anyone here has any thoughts of what I might try next.

Like I said, they aren't losing weight. They are also acting normal in every other way. But I know that THEY don't like having diarrhea any more than I like dealing with it.

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