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Some wear on dog's canine teeth, from her toys?

I know tennis balls can cause these teeth to wear, but can toys like Cuz balls and Kong's do so as well?

My dog is showing some wear on her canines and she's only 2.

The one tooth is the worst, because she chipped the tip as a puppy, but it's a lot worse now and her other 3 are showing a wee bit of wear as well.

I don't notice her chewing at anything in her crate, she tends to be pretty quiet, her bedding doesn't get chewed or anything.

She does chew on her toys all the time though, so I'm wondering if that's what is causing it?

She doesn't really have anything else I give her to chew, because she's such an aggressive chewer. Things are either too soft and she can chew big pieces off, or if it's hard enough, I've worried about cracking a tooth, so I don't give her things like antlers.

Her toys are the only thing I can think of that she chews.
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