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When to x-ray hips..

So I haven't thought about this until recently when Titan turned 4 and now that he is slowing down. I am curious if it is necessary to x-ray hips if you aren't really seeing an issue.. kind of. Only recently I have been looking more closely to his running and walking while playing and when we jog. During play he is fine.. just go, go, go. Doesn't seem to have an issue. Though the other day my BF told me while they were playing Titan seemed to be running more sideways than straight.. which was odd, but we haven't seen it since then.

Then I took him on a jog.. We've been off for a bit, as in we haven't jogged/ran in a while, but he still plays fetch (sprinting until exhausted) multiple times a day. Well I just notice him slowing A LOT. And the other day we went on a jog and from the first step he was already slow and behind me. I couldn't tell if he was walking funny from behind, but I ended up just walking him because it made me nervous to push him harder. I didn't know if it was because of just not jogging much, or his hips.. so I started thinking.

He doesn't have issues walking, sitting, laying, etc. That I can see. I wonder if it's more time for glucosamine and chondroitin vs an x-ray. What do you guys think?


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