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Originally Posted by ApselBear View Post
Those are some big dams x.x

I put in Apsel's info. Born 10/31/13. Weighed 45lbs on 2/19/14. It guesses 102.9lbs full grown, which is on par with his sire's weight of 105-110. I have not weighed him lately, I wish I had access to a scale which could accurately weigh him. The chart suggested he'd be close to 90pounds today, but I think that is a little lofty. He is probably high 70s.
I used some earlier recorded weights I had for the girls but yes they come from big lines. I have not weighed them in the last several weeks now but I imagine Athena is mid-60's by now. She was 54 lbs at 18 weeks. I would like to measure her but I do not quite get how to do that yet. I tried it a few weeks back and got a shoulder measurement of 22 inches but I think I was too low on her shoulder after reading some more about it....

Athena d.o.b. 02/01/2014
Eden d.o.b. 03/15/2014

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