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Attacked at the dog park - defense methods?

My dog was attacked at the dog park on tuesday by what looked to be a pit mix. We got to the park at the same time, and even walking to the door the other dog was being very agressive.

When we got in, the two went in different directions, but later, when my pup was playing with another dog, the agressive one came out of no where and violently clamped onto his ear.

I was genuinely afraid for a few moments that it was going to tear my dogs ear off, or at the very least rip it up. When it was all over, though, he just had a pretty small scratch on his ear. Though it oozed blood for a bit, it's scabbed up now and seems to be healing nicely and free of infection.

To his credit, the other owner was on top of the dogfight almost as quickly as I was, and he apologized for his dog being agressive. He also suffered a pretty significant cut to his hand and calf which were both bleeding pretty well as he left.

My point, though, is that the dog fight was a bit scary, and even with two people trying to break it up, I don't feel as if we really had much impact on stopping the fight. I'm not exactly what stopped it and got the other dog to release, honestly.

I'm interested in a more active form of protection and ways to break up dog fights.

Kicking the agressor dog is an option, but I've read that the pain from doing so may simply spur the dog to fight harder. Plus, then you have to worry about getting into a fight with the owner afterwards.

I read about a method to grab the dog's back legs, or wrap a leash around them, and to use that to disable the dog, but I am skeptical of it, as it doesn't release the dogs jaws. I haven't used this method, so perhaps the dog will want to turn around once he sees he's being pulled away by his rear legs.

I saw some dog deterrent devices that emit loud or high-frequency noises that's supposed to ward off dogs from joggers/ bikers, etc, and while it is small and pretty cheap, I suspect it will be insufficient to break up a dog fight.

There's mace, which I'm sure will break it up in short order, but the problem is that my dog is in there too. It may be a last resort, and I'd prefer to mace them both than for my dog to lose an ear, or worse, but I would be very worried about hitting my pup. Perhaps mace comes out in more of a stream, instead of spray, so it's easier to direct than I'm thinking.

Gun is pretty much out of the question. I own several, and have had a concealed carry permit in the past, but it is a public park. Apart from the legal issues with shooting a dog in the middle of a public park, I would be even more worried about hitting my own dog.

I take my dog to the park every day, because he needs the excersise and socilization, and because he deserves his playtime after a long boring day of me being gone. Not going to the park ever again isn't reasonable for fair to him.

Anyone had any experiences with any of the above methods with dog fights before? Or anything you'd recommend?
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