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Originally Posted by roberskine85 View Post

Just introduced myself, Rob and my female gsd Halle.

She is 7 months old now and doing well. She is my first dog, so first gsd and we are learning together. No major problems, she is crate trained, sleeps through all night, doesn't bite too much, and shows no sign of aggression apart from boisterous puppy play.

We aren't attending any training classes as i am home all day so plenty of time to train. In the house she is great, will sit, down, stay, give paw, speak on command, be quiet on command. Out of the house not so great, she will walk on a loose leash (with lots of turning back when she starts pulling) but has no attention whatsoever, she gets distracted by anything that moves and seems to forget all of her training.

Early days so will keep working on it, any tips to keep attention would be greatly appreciated, especially in regards to other dogs being around because all she wants to do is play and barks to initiate play.

Thanks in advance.

Will post a pic once i work out how to
Welcome, Rob!

Your girl is beautiful, and it sounds like you already have a great start with her, even though she is not only your first dog, but also your first GSD. This is a great source for information from people on this forum who have years of experience with the breed, who are also willing to share with those of us who aren't professionals. Much of what you are experiencing with Halle is still her youth, don't worry. There are threads here that can help you with working her with distractions around--I can't point specifically to a particular one, but there are those on this forum who can. Keep watching for their comments, I am sure they will give you more information and point you in the right direction.

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