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I am SO angry!

Well, I finally moved into my apartment and got settled in yesterday. Today, my roommates boyfriend was here and was playing with Atticus a little bit of the day. When I put atti in his crate for nap time, I would come back in my room and the boyfriend would be sitting on the floor next to his crate poking and growling at him and trying to get him to wake up and growl back. The second time it happened, I said something to him that it needed to stop because his crate needs to be his safe place and he needed to take his nap and rest for an hour or so. He takes his nap, goes outside and when I come back in, I ask if roommate and bf would watch him for 10 minutes so I could do some things in my room and settle in more. 2 minutes later, Atti is screaming like he is in pain and so I run out there to the living room and boyfriend is holding him a foot off the ground by his collar and smacking his nose, screaming at him. I grab atti, take him to my room and hold him while he's shaking and whimpering (after shouting a few choice words at bf). Apparently, Atticus had grabbed his shoelace and untied his shoe.

Let me remind you, Atti isn't even 9 weeks old. I've had him 5 days. Now he won't let you touch his neck or try and put his leash on. He cries and whimpers with his tail tucked and tries to run away. Earlier in the day, her boyfriend had given Atticus his shoes and shirt to play with and would throw them across the room for him to chase. I put an end to that real quick after I saw it happen. I explained that he doesn't need to learn that clothes and shoes are toys.

It definitely shook me up and Atti has either been glued to me or shaking in his crate since this afternoon. You would think people would have more common sense! He's a PUPPY. he's going to chew on things. He has 10-12 toys in the apartment that are within arms reach at all times so we can teach what's good and bad to chew on. Lesson learned: never trust people with your puppy.
I feel so bad for my little man. He's sleeping in my bed tonight any suggestions to help him get over the collar fear now?
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